The 5-Spin Method to Win Immediately

Hey, slots enthusiast, You can easily use this winning strategy as-is, but you can also optimize it, so it works even better at your casino. That’s coming up Here. I explain my most popular slots strategy, commonly known as the 5-spin method now updated to answer common questions.

I’Ve gotten from viewers. After over a dozen visits within three months at a local pari-mutual racetrack with slot machines, I identified a clear pattern to winning I’d, not seen before. Using it. I won six taxable jackpots over the next two months.

, As you should be asking yourself at this point. Did I make a profit? Yes, I did. The true power of this strategy is that nearly all its winnings are profit. How did I discover this winning slots strategy? I had help.

As usual when I first visit a new-to-me casino. I engaged in conversations with 메이저놀이터 slot attendants and floor managers about recent jackpot winners. They told me about slot machine gamblers, who had won quite a few taxable jackpots when moving from machine to machine one taxable jackpot after another.

, Yes, casino employees, TOLD ME. All I had to do was listen and think through what they were saying. This casino had set up its slot machines to perform this way for good business, reasons.

, Unfortunately, for casinos implementing this standard casino business practice, it’s easily leveraged by any savvy slots enthusiast who spots its easy-to-see pattern. Here’s the pattern I saw. Every win occurred within the first few bets on a slot machine.

After that first win called a taste. I wouldn’t win again for what seemed like a long time, sometimes for hours. I saw this behavior again and again on every slot machine. I played at that casino. That’s the pattern, so the next step is to build a winning strategy from it.

With this pattern in hand, I decided to play slot machines for up to five spins. If I won anything at all, I’d collect that taste of that first win and immediately stop playing that slot machine., But why only 5 spins, Why not 3 or 10 spins We’ll talk about optimization for you and your casino in a moment.

. Next, I made a reasonable assumption that this pattern applied to every machine. Why have a long answer I’ll explain in a future video., But for now, it’s not necessary and let’s stay focused on how to win rather than why you’re winning.

When creating this winning slots strategy? I also realized this pattern. Doesn’t require money to be successful., So I decided I’d try using it with a bankroll of $ 500. When I first tried this strategy, I sat at a $ 5 or $ 10 denomination slot.

The machine put my whole bankroll into it and made maximum bets until I’d made five bets, but stopped sooner. If I won anything at all., Then I’d quickly cash out my voucher and move to the next slot machine and repeat the process.

. I did this again and again on machine after machine right down one row and up another. At that time, for that casino, I’d win a taxable jackpot of $ 1,200 or more before spending a quarter of my bankroll.

That’s $ 125 on an individual slot machine. During the visit, I first deliberately tried this strategy. I won three taxable jackpots on three different machines in 25 minutes each jackpot occurring in mere minutes.

Apart. The slot operators at this new casino were highly efficient, but each time I won a taxable jackpot. It took about five minutes for the slot operator to take my I.D. Take care of the paperwork clear.

The machine then goes off to retrieve my hand and pay for the jackpot, I’d just won., While they were gone, I’d cash out of that slot machine and move to the next machine where I’d proceed to again win a jackpot within only a handful of plays.

. Once again, another slot operator would arrive to complete the hand payout requirements. For this second taxable jackpot. So soon after the first, I couldn’t offer my I.D. It was still in the hands of the first slot operator In other videos, I’ll explain the consequences of winning.

More often at slot machines. So remember to subscribe to my channel below, While using this 5-spin strategy, I won 3 taxable jackpots within 25 minutes with an actual playing time of about 10-15 minutes.

Total profit was $ 6,100 for a 12x return on my original $ 500 bankroll. With this strategy we’re taking advantage of the casino wanting to give a player new to the machine, a quick taste, so they don’t get up and leave after not winning.

. Casinos want us to stay, spend that initial win and proceed to empty our pockets into the machine. My strategy says: do the opposite. Move on immediately once you’ve gotten the taste and then collect them from machine after machine.

, But how many bets should you make on each machine Why 5 bets? Instead, why not 3 bets 8 bets, or even 10 bets Five bets seemed to work best for me.. It felt like five bets were enough to give the machine a chance.

To give me a taste., And it felt like more bets would risk my bankroll more than I wanted. Make your adjustments to this strategy. Figure out what works best at your casino and comment below with how many bets seem to work best for you.

. Although … don’t make 100 or more bets per machine., That approach applies more to bankroll cycling, something else I talk about in other videos. Now maybe you want to know how to cheaply test if your casino offers tastes before heading off to the high-limit room In this video right here I explain how to confidently do that with a bankroll of under $ 5.

, And if you want more of my winning Slots strategies this video right here explains Strategy 2 Winning Progressive Jackpots. So if you’re, a fan of progressive slot machines with major & minor jackpots click that video right here and I’ll see you in the next one.